What Our Guests Are Saying

We want to thank you again for such a wonderful week and your incredible hospitality. That is the first time I have ever seen Lee so relaxed on a holiday in probably 30 years! We both found it difficult to leave. We do think that the countryside is the most beautiful we have ever seen in our travels.

Marilyn & Lee , Ontario, Canada

If you’ve ever dream of going to Tuscany with the hopes of enjoying amazing beauty, delicious food and wine, meeting lovely people and visiting charming medieval villages, then this is the trip for you! Coleen was a joy to be with as she lead our group through each day’s event which focused on very informative cooking classes where local chefs both demonstrated and included us in cooking amazing Tuscan dishes±my favorite the eggplant parmigiana that literally melted in your mouth—but it really was impossible to have a favorite dish because everything was so good. After a morning of cooking and eating the “fruits of our labor,” Coleen took us on excursions to surrounding villages, wineries and olive oil mills. I highlight recommend Tuscan Women Cook. Thank you Coleen for making a visit to Tuscany be everything and MORE than I ever hoped to experience!

Deborah G., Los Angeles


I would like to say a big thank you for a wonderful week. It was terrific and I enjoyed every moment. I know you work very hard to share the delights of your little corner of Tuscany that you have fallen in love with and it works. You make it seem effortless.

Maria, County Cork, Ireland


It was an incredible experience and a glorious setting, not just visiting, but living in Tuscany. We were not just tourists. We were made to feel like old friends and family.

Melvin & Suzanne Defrin


Fabio our driver from Rome was so generous that he stopped to buy us lunch on our way to Tuscany. Coleen was so amazing in informing us with the itinerary and keeping us updated on the schedule each day. We enjoyed drinking fine wines, the cheese farm, drive through Tuscany, pizza night, shopping, drinking more wine, cook, eating more fresh pasta, meeting people from all over, and sharing the experiences of a lifetime. I would highly recommend the trip with someone who wants to learn to cook with a loved one or group of friends so you can have the memories I had with Tuscan Women Cook! Grazie!

Renae S., Oak Park, California


We would like you to know that our experiences while participating in the Tuscan Women Cook adventure exceeded our expectations. Sharing a week of learning how to cook Tuscan style with our fellow classmates, enjoying the rustic charm of the many places we visited, the laughs we all shared, the quantities of wine we drank, will provide us with the fondest of memories. We appreciate you sending the photos of our group. As we look at them we relive our wonderful time in Tuscany.

Susan & Ralph


Thank you so much for such a fantastic experience. We really did have an absolute ball! It is going to be terribly difficult to go back to the reality of hectic London life after tasting the relaxed Italian country lifestyle.

Nicola Castle—London, England


Lee and I wanted to thank you both again for such a wonderful week and your incredible hospitality. That is the first time I have ever seen Lee so relaxed on a holiday in probably 30 years! We both found it very difficult to leave. We do think that the countryside is the most beautiful we have ever seen in our travels.

Marilyn & Lee Spencer—Ontario, Canada


I would like to say a big thank you to you both for a wonderful week. It was terrific and I enjoyed every moment. I know you both work very hard to share the delights of your little corner of Tuscany that you have fallen in love with and it works. You make it seem so effortless.

Maria Campbell—County Cork, Ireland


We just spent a week at Tuscan Women Cook. It was an unbelievable experience in a glorious setting. It was not only a hands on culinary experience but much more. The program has recently changed ownership.The local women cooks sharing generations old recipes and techniques made this a truly unique experience. We were made to feel like old friends and family the entire time. The mornings were spent cooking, followed by lunch of what we had made. The afternoons were unique experiences of wine, tasting, cheese tasting, visiting surrounding towns like Montepulciano and Pienza. An entire day was spent in Siena with an incredibly knowledgeable guide. Each evening was a different and delicious dining experience at local restaurants. This was not only visiting, but living in Tuscany. An experience we certainly hope to repeat.

Donna Munson


The cooking classes were designed to enhance the skills of the novice and the expert. The balance between cooking and excursions into the local country side was well thought out. New friends, new cooking skills, local history, and the Tuscan country side. WOW! This experience EXCEEDED my expectations!!!! I would caution you you to bring a set of clothes in the next size up for the return trip. The quantity and Quality of the food was just that good. If you eat, I would Tuscan Women Cook. (btw, I’m a man)

Marilyn Calhoun


Thanks for a truly fabulous week. Your promise that we would have fun couldn’t have been more accurate. We loved it all!

Gina Burman—Australia


Sometimes when I just need to calm down, I take a break at my computer and look at the wonderful photos of a week spent in total calmness and serenity! It all seems like a dream to me now and as if it happened years ago!

Theresa Britz—Wellington, South Africa


YOU DID NOT PREPARE US…for the terrible withdrawal symptoms upon leaving you!!! I miss the cobblestone streets of Montefollonico , I miss the stories of the village, I miss the birthday celebrations, I miss our wonderful group, I miss the homemade pasta and the great wine and the charming, wonderful Tuscan women who shared their passion for food with us!

Lynne Gibbons—Jupiter, Florida


Words can hardly express what we felt throughout this extraordinary culinary experience under your mastership. They say it’s all about people, and you guys are definitely the most striking proof of it! Everything was just perfect and we can really say it was one of the most remarkable vacations we have ever had.

Genia & Avi Hochman—Ra’anana, Israel


Thank you so much for all that you did for us!! This was truly the trip of a lifetime! It far exceeded our expectations! It is rare in this age that the product out-measures the advertisement, but in this case it is absolutely true.

Steve & Maria Davies—El Dorado Hills, California


Thank you two for everything. I may not have told you (but I did mistakenly tell my husband…) that this was the best vacation I ever had. Plan to see me again, as I plan to come back. Did I mention that this was my best vacation ever?

Deb Evans—Great Falls, Montana


Thank you for making me feel extra comfortable as a solo person in the group. Memories of bello Montefollonico, the two of you, and all the wonderful Tuscan women cooks will stay with me in my heart. This was a Tuscan adventure I’ll never forget and I loved every minute of it! Everything about the program far exceeded my expectations and was bravissimo!

Linda Soule—La Jolla, CA


Part of my heart is still in Tuscany, in the wonderful world you created for us, so I relish things to taste from that part of the universe. I hope you know what a gift you give to the Tuscan Women Cook participants. The years that you have spent collecting and polishing the knowledge of food and wine and people and shops and routes and customs and on and on, this in itself is amazing. But that you have the warm heart to pass it on to strangers, that is truly a miracle. I’m so glad I got a chance to participate.

Nancy Goodwin—Clinton, Oklahoma


We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the program. It’s honestly the best vacation we have ever had. Kudos to both of you for organizing such a wonderful experience. I am still on such a high! I am making pici next weekend for my family.

Fran Hauser, Bedford—New York


We really appreciated the opportunity to be with a great group of people and enjoy the food, wine, and beautiful countryside. But none of this could happen without the unique ability you two have to not only run the business and act as hosts, but to make us feel like we are visiting with old friends even though we are meeting for the first time.

Mike & Lisa Deaderick—Long Beach, California


Thank you for an unforgettable experience and all the recipes. Your kindness, professionalism, and positive energy is the source of your success. I am still on a Tuscany high and have not adjusted to reality yet. I definitely ate too well and the wines were incredible.

Jeannie Chung—Kailua Kona, Hawaii


Everything you arranged for us was PERFECT!…Even as I unpack and embrace my “real life” once again, I find myself smiling as I remember opening my hotel window every morning to embrace that breathtaking Tuscan hillside view.

Bev Fleming—Kirkwood, Missouri


It was a wonderful week. I cannot imagine it being any better. You seem to have found the perfect combination of cooking, laughing, learning, touring, wining, dining, and all the good things in life. Thank you for making our vacation absolutely wonderful.

Cheryl Vrooman & Craig Gallenbach—Fayetteville, North Carolina


The week with Tuscan Women Cook was one of the best experiences of my life. It far surpassed my expectations and our group was great. I would like to return for a “graduate course”. Thank you for such a well organized and fulfilling week.

Chris Humphrey—Thousand Oaks, California


We’re still laughing! We had such a wonderful week! We learned so much. We enjoyed you both so much. I wish we had more time together. We’ll be back some day soon and hope to see you both again.

Danny & Mary Maffia—Englewood, New Jersey & Avignon, France


Thank you both again for a fabulous week! It was a blast! I think I will always keep in touch with the others in our class. They became like family by the end of the week. I am going to come back next fall for another cooking session.

Patti Reppucci—East Greenwich, Rhode Island


It was a great trip. In fact, it has been a bit depressing being home, not having our laughs in the kitchen, our great meals together, and our daily adventures in Tuscany.

Maureen Fisher—Visalia, California


I know you must receive tons of email pontificating on your utter brilliance and idea of this cooking school, and we would like to add to your collection of awesome wonder and joy we share and feel for what we experienced with the two of you in Montefollonico. Thank you both for an absolutely delicious week. Period! Forever in our hearts,

Rick & Roxann Lewis—Santa Maria, California


The trip will live in our memories forever, and the talk will never stop. As we look at our plates, aprons, and cookbooks, and await the delivery of our wine, we think fondly of you two and your beautiful world over there.

Carol & Jack Dale—Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


It truly was the best and a lifetime memory. My friends are green with jealousy to go themselves. Thank you again for all the extras. We invited four couples over last Sunday evening and fed them everything we had all week in Tuscany!

Tish & Willis Lanier—Atlanta, Georgia


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